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To join the Congressional Flying Club, please read the instructions below and then contact to submit the application and required information.


  • Congressional Flying Club Application for Membership

  • Congressional Flying Club Information Sheet 

    • This sheet is for informational purposes only. The rates were valid up to the date shown at the bottom of the sheet.

Process to Join



Fill out the CFC application and bring it to a meeting.  Hand it into the meeting leader or the club president.


The CFC board will review and approve/disapprove your flying club application.


They meet on the first Tuesday of every month

If the CFC board approves your application:

3.    Establish your flying account and pay the non-refundable non-equity
             initiation fee. The total first payment is a minimum of $1140, which includes:

$1000 (private pilot) for your non-refundable

non-equity initiation fee.

Establish your account with a minimum balance of $120.

Add to your account the first month's dues of $140


(dues are automatically deducted monthly from your account).

Add additional funds:

In order to fly, you must establish a higher account balance than the $120 minimum.

4.   Bring a copy of your medical and your pilot's license and give it to the current

           personnel officer.

           For student pilots without a medical, please contact a club CFI and have them

           confirm that they will instruct you through our club.

5.   Request access to from the current personnel officer, as

           this is the means to schedule airplanes. You can send this person an email

           upon your acceptance and he/she will confirm that the club has received

           your initial funds. On, you can access the below

           mentioned forms and schedule airplanes.

6.   Schedule an airplane checkout with one of our club instructors.

7.   Obtain an Aircraft Questionnaire, fill it out using the POH from one of the

          172s, have a club instructor review it at your checkout and then turn it into

           the personnel officer.

8.   Obtain a Club Checkout Form:

           a checklist of things that you will need orientation on before use (airplanes,

           hangar, pre-heat, oil, fuel, CFC trailer, etc).  Have a club instructor help you

           complete this and then turn it into the current personnel officer.

9.   Attend 15 meetings within the first 6 months. This is a probationary period

           requirement only. After these 15 meetings, there is no minimum requirement

           for meeting attendance.

10.   Complete 5 work hours for the club within 6 months. This is probationary
             equirement. Each member is required to perform 10 hrs per year. However,
             under the probation, you must have half done by your 6-month date. There
             are plenty of opportunities for work hours.

Note: You are on a probationary period for 6 months. This means that at any time you can cancel and get 1/2 of your $1000 initiation fee back, along with any unused funds on the account. It also means the club can remove you for any reason and return 1/2 of your $1000 initiation fee, along with any unused funds on the account. After 6 months, the $1000 initiation fee is non-refundable.

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